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Are you thinking, how to play bubble football or have you ever heard about the match? Undoubtedly, the game gives you more fun and amusement environment to enjoy it. Excel bubble football is the most exciting thing anyone can have. It enables you to run, bounce, bump and roll while staying safe in your very own zone. It brings a new twist to adult entertainment. Bubble footballs have been into practice more than over 50 countries of the world. There are some safety concerns which are to be kept under consideration. Apart from safety measure this bubble football is a very fine blend of thrill and excitement. More than 80% of amusement hubs offer bubble footballs for a wonderful experience.

Excel bubble football is suitable for children and adults both. It is normally made of hundred percent PVC. It has a suitable thickness that prevents it from bursting or getting pinched. It is heat sealed and also comes with accessory repair kits. It is normally transparent in color so that the individual inside the ball can get a vivid view of the surroundings. It is appropriate for leisure centers, rental business, parks and schools.

There are normally two entrances to enter the ball. There are safety belts for the passenger in the ball that can be fixed while rolling down on the slope such as sand, snow or grassland. There is also another option of trying to stand up and make the motion along the level ground without being fixed with safety belts. This option is only suitable when it is not your first time with the ball. In order to maintain its best state and the longest time it is suitable to refrain playing with it below 10 Centigrade. After you have played enough with this ball, open the port, clean the dirt and deflate gradually. It will take small space now after you have packed it properly, you can keep it somewhere safe for playing with it the next time.


1.We test each bubble ball for 3 days to ensure the ball seamed exactly well.

2.We provide the zip oil, material pieces for repairing in case.

3.We shall guide you to repair the ball during all the life span of the bubble football.

4.The quality guarantee period is 1 year.

So what are you waiting for, let’s just play bubble football now!!!